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We started in London in 2013 as an innovative recruitment company. We are English but our heart is Italian: we combine the entrepreneurship of the City with both passion and tenacity of our 100% Italian team of headhunters.

Thanks to this dual nature, we are capable of intercepting Italian brains abroad looking to return to Italy. We are therefore a trusted partner for many Italian companies looking for international talents, also thanks to our transformation into a full liquid company as of March 2020.


What numbers say

Excelsior Information System surveys on forecasts of employment needs in Italy conducted by Unioncamere showed that companies are struggling to find applicants who possess digital skills. Among the new professional profiles most in demand on the market will be experts in data analysis, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and market analysis.

The new and emerging careers in this field will be those of Data Scientist, Big Data Analyst, Cloud Computing Expert, Cyber Security Expert, Business Intelligence Analyst, Chief Data Officer, Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineer.

Up to 300,000 new digital jobs are expected to open between 2019 and 2023. Specifically, STEM skills-related employment needs will represent more than 70 percent of these openings.


Who we are looking for

At OSN we recruit and locate talented teams and senior / executive profiles for companies, technology startups and government agencies. We have created an international community consisting of over 30,000 members including Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Devops, Researchers, Cyber Security Experts, Consultants and Directors. We are the only recruitment company that leverages custom designed recruitment methods for the data industry.

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Who can we introduce you to

Over the years, we have met and worked with leading individuals form the artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cybersecurity, and cloud transformation industries. We have created a network of experts to stay up-to-date with industry intelligence and improve the value of our work.