Boosting AI Research into Everyday Life

We are the branch dedicated to fill an important gap in the Italian job market: that of the virtuous intertwining and cooperation of skills and resources between the academic and business worlds.

Our expertise and our mix of skills allows us to unite these two worlds. We facilitate the relationship between the parties, through the sharing of skills and research projects with the industrial world, increasingly interested in finding smart, innovative and flexible solutions to solve complex and strategic problems.


What the numbers say

CommonGround’s study, published by CERN, showed a gap between academic position availability and the number of annual PhDs. In fact, over 100,000 PhDs in STEM subjects per year have earned their PhDs in the past few years, exceeding the number of available academic roles.

Our goal is to create a bridge between the ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research centers in Italian universities and the Italian Business Community, optimizing their relationships.


We connect knowledge

We facilitate contamination between academia, research and business. We help top centers in the management of opportunities for collaboration with companies. We are already doing this with some of the leading Italian companies. Would you like to be next? Let’s get in touch.

Our present customers: